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We created the world's first cloud-based speech analytics platform

Our team has already created the world's first cloud-based speech analytics platform, which has been using machine learning since 2017 to automatically classify conversations on topics. Each month, the platform analyzes hundreds of thousands of conversations in contact centers and sales offices.

We move on ...

After the advent of the Mark-1 computer, in which the Frank Rosenblatt model was first implemented
 Perception of information by the human brain, 60 years have passed.

Only in recent years have we seen an explosive interest in decision-making systems, the brain of which is an “artificial neural network”. There was a fashionable name - Artificial Intelligence.

The level of development of “artificial intelligence” is comparable to leech intelligence, but much is trusted. We began to use machine learning to increase the accuracy of analyzing the content of conversations, correspondence, and text documents. We are developing and improving the neural network model.


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